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Hi! I am so happy you have made it this far and I look forward to working with you, and/or your pets. Click on an image below to learn more. If on mobile, the drop down menu will guide you to the different service options. Choose the best one for you, talk to you soon!

Animal Communication

"I loved it! My only thought is, I wonder if Jolene is intuiting stuff from me, or from Le Grande Orange. And I would also say, I don't know if it matters either way because its the same valuable info."


Animal Communication

I had my first session with Jolene in Feb 2020.  My dog had several health ssues which had concerned my husband 

and I for many years.  We had many appointments with various veterinary professionals with no answers to help her. 

After one session with Jolene she gave us several suggestions, including diet recommendations along with recommending acupuncture to treat specific areas.  My dog responded immediately to the suggestions and treatments.   She continues to be in good health.  I check in with Jolene periodically to make sure my dog almost 14 has the best elder years she deserves.  Just wishing we had known Jolene several years earlier.  

Thank you Jolene!  

Mary G. 

Animal Communication

My dog has dealt with separation anxiety for over a decade.  My goal of my visit with Jolene was to find out if I could do anything to ease the anxiety.  Since I've had her, when I would leave the house, Jade would pant, shiver and whine both when I left and returned.  During the first visit with Jolene I was given a few very simple changes to try.  The first day I made these simple changes, Jade immediately went  to lay in her dog bed when I left and did not follow me to the door.  All the other behaviors of panting, shivering and whining ceased on day one.  She continued to have a panicked energy when I would return.  After one more visit with Jolene, this has also stopped after a few weeks of making simple changes.  Now she is excited when I return home, but not panicked. 


Jolene definitely has a gift. She was spot on about Jade.  I had never used an animal communicator before, but would highly recommend her.  I feel that my entire relationship with Jade has beautifully shifted.  Worth it!


Animal Communication

He didn't meow at all this morning, actually.  He was back to snuggling next to me on the bed.  He didn't even run into the bathroom when the shower turned on!  I think the change to the chicken liver food and the warm water I'm mixing in with that seems to have calmed him down a lot.  Since he's very in tune with me, he tends to self-correct after I've spoken with you.  I think he's like, "Okay, good, she's heard me!” 


Personal Intuitive Reading

I have used Jolene's personal intuitive sessions on a regular basis over the years.  I use these sessions when I have exhausted all of my own personal tools and still feel stuck or like I could use a new fresh perspective.  Jolene is not accessing her brain to give her thoughts on a situation.  She has access to a deeper part, universal energy.  She uses different tools that are specific to me.  Everytime I have used her services it feels like she has reached inside of my soul to retrieve some valuable piece of information that I need in order to move forward and gently and lovingly hands it back to me.  This is not talk therapy, venting or anything ego driven.  It is a great tool and service that is for individuals who are wanting to go deeper and willing to look at the root or heart of what is going on.   The sessions are always in a place of love and for the highest possible good for all. If it resonates with you- I highly recommend it.       -Sara Brown

Animal Communication

I felt Jolene communicated the essence of what Potter is feeling about the end of his life and his wishes for the time he has left. I have felt relief knowing there are a few simple things I can do for him in the time he has left and that he understands that my life has changed and I don't have the kind of time for him that I used to. I released a lot of grief, guilt and worry after my session with Jolene.


In addition, I would add that Jolene was very respectful of boundaries - both mine and my cats'. She is very ethical and does not make inappropriate "predictions", but reads the energy of the present situation and doesn't make generalizations about things she cannot know.


Animal Communication 

I thought the session went well. Jolene very aptly read my cat's personality. Some questions did not gel with the knowledge I have, but I understand that could be b/c of a "translation" issue, which is OK. What was really fun was watching my cat's physical response to Jolene's energetic questioning. It was very clear and helped validate that communication was taking place.


Personal Intuitive Reading

If you are looking to get clear about the lesson the Universe wishes to share with you, Jolene is an invaluable interpreter. 


If you have questions or need guidance about a situation or your life's path, Jolene's intuitive insights are clear & comprehensive. It is like an instant balm to your anxiety but more importantly she gives you an active role to play in discovering and learning from the Universe's message. It is empowering. I will be forever grateful for her guidance. 


Megan Bolek

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