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Cat's Eye
Wild Icelandic Horses


I love animals, peace, and connection. The gift to hear and feel messages has led me to share this with others for the purposes of bringing peace into peoples homes. The word home, meaning the place where we live relates both to body and to residence. When you find yourself needing clarity regarding what a pets is trying to say, looking to understand a lesson that keeps presenting itself in your life, or you are looking to find peace in your heart, let's work together to see what we can find! My wish is for peace and connection for the world!



Information sharing with your pet from a place of universal connection and presence with the intent of bringing peace into your home.. 


Helping you out of a rut and into your groove with insights shared from a place of universal connection and presence.


Information that is shared during coaching/consulting has more of mixture of both information from presence as well as experience and discussion as to how to apply this to your situation. 


Soon we will be offering guided meditations. Check back soon to see what we have to offer!

HOURS -are listed in

Central Time Zone

 Tue:  2:00pm-6:00pm


Thur :10:00-11:00am

"...I learned so many things that I can do to help my pet both physically and emotionally - to uncover those mysteries with a beloved pet is absolutely "priceless" to me!!"


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